Planetario: ritorno alle stelle Recorded

Planetario: ritorno alle stelle
20/12/2022 - 30/04/2023

The great celestial space of the Planetarium reopens and it is time to participate in the infinite spectacle of the universe. The invitation is open to everyone: both those who have been waiting for the return of the planetarium and those who are visiting it for the first time.

Ritorno alle stelle marks the moment when the large digital dome opens up to host lights and stories from the entire universe: stories of scientific investigations and unsettling discoveries that redefine our place in the cosmos. In the vast celestial vault of the dome, each visitor's gaze can freely wander far and wide, in all directions of knowledge, accompanied by live narration from astronomers, who will take you on a wide-ranging cosmic journey. Rome's eternal relationship with the stars provides an opportunity to evoke the fascination of observing the sky and the stars throughout history: from the ancient Romans to the space probes.

Take a guided tour of space and time, passing through the mythical scenarios of the constellations to conquer new points of view from which to admire the Earth from afar, fly over planets, nebulae and galaxies, and relive crucial stages of space exploration and the most recent astronomy. Supported by the most up-to-date visualisation technologies, from the Earth to the edge of the galaxy, you will immerse yourself in an immense flight through space-time, where you can follow, along an agile line of sight, the new goals of astrophysical research and free your instinct for discovery, to recompose your image of the cosmos.


Opening hours

November 22 to December 16, 2022
There are no performances on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Dec. 8
uesday, November 22 at 17.00
Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 16.00
Thursday, November 24 at 17.00
Friday, November 25 at 16.00.
Tuesday, November 29 at 17.00
Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 17.00
Thursday, December 1, at 17.00
Friday, December 2, at 17.00
Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 17.00
Wednesday, December 7, at 17.00
Friday, December 9, at 17.00
Tuesday, December 13 at 17.00
Wednesday, December 14, at 17.00
Thursday, December 15 at 17.00
Friday, December 16, at 17.00

Entrance ticket

Adults: € 8,50
Concessions: € 7,50
For residents of Rome and the metropolitan area (showing valid document certifying the residence):
Adults: € 8,50
Concessions: € 6,50

Special Family Ticket € 22.00 for two adults, free for children under 18 with charging a € 1.00 advanced ticket fee

For reductions see the Tickets page

On weekdays and non-holidays you can purchase tickets directly at the Planetarium, for the same day subject to availability.

Purchase online and at Tourist Infopoints (Termini, Minghetti, Fori Imperiali, Castel Sant'Angelo, Fiumicino Airport and Ciampino Airport) mandatory for weekend and holiday shows, strongly recommended for shows on midweek days.

Reduced museum admission with MIC card, available at museums and online.


060608 (every day 09.00 - 19.00)

Dom, Lun, Sab

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